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Hey, thats me!

About Kate Pease Photography

Hi! I am Kate. Welcome to my blog! I am based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area. Here you will find my latest shoots, my thoughts, and happenings in my personal life. Please do not use any images without permission. Images are copyright Kate Pease 2013. Please also visit my website www.katepease.com. If you have a question about a portrait session or wedding, lets talk! Email me at katepeasephotography@gmail.com


December 16th, 2014

This blog is undergoing a MAY-JAH facelift, with all new branding, and just general all around awesome newness. Switching things up on the web is not easy for me to do (to say the absolute least!), but it needs doing so I will plug away at it…with lots of caffeine, tears, and pleading to my husband Brant for help. Did I mention how untechnical I am, and web is a whole different beast!? In the meantime…

I HAVE A WHOLE NEW WEBSITE!  Yes I’m shouting because I’m excited! It’s been four years since I updated my website. Which four years in the photography world, is like dog years, which pretty much is 14 years. So while you wait for this little blog of mine to shine, check out my new website!!! Oh and tell all your friends who are getting engaged in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area to check it out too!

Click here >>  www.katepease.com   << Click here

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 1.25.11 PM

I’m here!

June 4th, 2014

Well, we did it! We moved to Texas! And I’ve been busy with engagement sessions and weddings! I am hoping to have the gusto soon to do a blog facelift. It’s been a few years, so I sense change is coming! Anyway, here’s a few images that I love from a recent wedding, engagement session, and family session. Tell all your Dallas/Fort Worth area friends that I’m here and ready to party (aka take photos of all y’all partying)!!

2014-06-04_0001 2014-05-17_0002 2014-05-16_0001

Kate is now booking weddings in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas!

February 8th, 2014

I can’t wait to get to know all you fabulous Southern Brides! (Or should I say all y’all!?) Anyway, I will certainly miss my Utah clients and brides.

Here’s a little sneak peek of this past weekend’s shoot. Thanks Allie for being so fabulous, gorgeous, and making my job easy!

2014-02-08_0001 2014-02-08_0002

5 Tips for taking photos in the snow

February 5th, 2014

Today I was on Studio 5 giving tips on how to take photos in the snow.

Tip 1: Nail your exposure

When the camera sees a snowy scene, the camera will think it is too bright, therefore making your subject too dark, and not properly exposed. You will have to over-ride the camera by exposing it properly. To do this with a DSLR, shoot in manual mode and over-expose by one to two stops. If you’re shooting in a manual mode, change the exposure compensation plus one or two stops. To do this with a point and shoot, change the shooting mode dial to “portrait” which looks like the profile of a woman. And to expose properly on a smart phone, simply tap the face of your subject and it will focus and expose for your subject instead of your back ground.

2014-02-04_0003 2014-02-04_0001

Tip 2: How to get stunning skin tones

One of the best things about shooting in a snowy scene is it creates the most stunning skin tones! To do this, you have to have your subject standing in the snow. It won’t work if they’re standing on a driveway or asphalt. The light from the sun/sky reflects off the snow and onto your subject. It fills in lines and wrinkles, and really is the best skin brightener!



Tip 3: Add contrast in background and outfit

If your shooting in any other time of year (spring, summer, fall…) the background colors and nature will provide plenty of interesting colors and contrast to your photo. Since a snowy scene is often one dimensional in color, it really adds a lot to a photo to add contrast to your photo. Don’t be afraid to wear bold colors, or stark contrasting colors. I also love putting my subject against a dark backdrop (like a dark wall or dark pine trees) to add contrast. When you put your subject against a dark backdrop, it helps so you can really see the snowflakes falling.

2014-02-04_0002 2014-02-04_0006

Tip 4: Adjust your white balance if needed

White balance is how the camera reads the temperature of the light whether the light is warm or cool. For example, florescent has a different temperature than a bright sunny day. For the most part, the camera does a really great job reading the temperature of the light, but sometimes in a snowy scene, even if the sun is shining, the photos can come out too cool, which isn’t very flattering for skin tones. Adjust your white balance accordingly by switching it to shade or cloudy.

2014-02-04_0009 2014-02-04_0008

Tip 5: Dress appropriately!

It seems like common sense, but you would be surprised that I’ve had people show up to photo shoots in the snow with bare legs and bare arms. Wear boots, and bundle up!


We’re Moving!!!!

February 5th, 2014

Brant was offered a promotion in Grapevine Texas! Can I tell you a little secret? We have been wanting to move there for years! I was born there, and my only sister lives there and we are so excited!!! I am now booking weddings, boudoir, and families in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! We will miss Utah, but we are so excited for our new adventure! Tell any of your Texas friends that we are coming!

2014-02-05_0001 photo by Sarah Knight Photography


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