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Archive: November, 2011

There’s so much to be thankful for.

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Where can I even begin to express my gratitude? A few things stand out to me this year to have thanks for. First of all, is my beautiful family. I am so lucky to have the supportive, loving, kind, sweet, and tender husband that I do. Plus, he makes me laugh every day. I could not be more thankful for my sweet daughter. She truly is an angel from heaven. She has the sweetest nature of any child I have ever seen in my life. I am so thankful for this wonderful pregnancy. It has been a joy, been easy, and uncomplicated thus far. I can’t wait to have a baby boy to cuddle in my arms! I am so thankful to be a mother. It is such a divine thing and brings me immense joy every day. I am so thankful for such a supportive family. They cheer me on through all the ups, and help me get through the downs. I am so thankful for my faith, because of the peace and guidance that it brings me. I have so much gratitude for the basics. We have a roof over our heads, a warm place to sleep, and bellies full of delicious and healthy food. Not everyone gets to have those. I am so thankful for photography, and great friends who take great photos like Sarah. Because of her willingness to share her talent, and because of the invention of photography, I will forever and ever have these images to cherish of this very special and unique time in my life. I will keep my message short today (cause trust me, I could go on, and on, and on, and on, and on some more!). I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and cherish in your hearts what you have to be thankful for.

Me at 32 and a half weeks. Photos taken by Sarah Knight in the comfort of my home. Take note: this will probably be the only time you will ever see my belly! I am a little shy to share them with the world, but I celebrate this extra plump stage in my life. :)

Knell Family

Monday, November 21st, 2011


I haven’t seen Sami in about 8 years.  I was absolutely delighted not only to see her, but to capture her family’s memories and to take her one year old baby boy Dallas’s photos! She was just as fun loving as I remember, but twice as gorgeous. (I mean, her hair! Her skin! Her cheekbones! Not fair!)  It is very apparent how much these two parents love this little guy, and for good reason!

The bottom right image just cracks me up! When I uploaded them to my computer and I saw it, I couldn’t stop laughing!


Nielson Family

Friday, November 18th, 2011

I don’t think you’d believe me when I tell you that myself and this family go way way back! So far back that I remember when their oldest girl was born!  Mainly I remember what a joy she was, and how much I wanted to cuddle her!! (I must have been like age 8 or 9).  Eric and my dad are golfing buddies, and although my dad is an excellent golfer, I’m sure that Eric can whoop his you know what any day of the week!  It has been ages since I’ve seen them so you can imagine my delight when Robyn contacted me to do their photos!  I hadn’t met their other two children, so it was a lot of fun taking photos for them.

Boss Family

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Adore them!  They had such great energy and joy!  It’s not fair that a family be this good looking and photogenic huh?

Why I care so much about the quality of my client’s images in the beginning, middle, and end.

Monday, November 14th, 2011

A recent client of mine suggested that I blog about this specific topic because it was a problem for her in the past.  She said it was actually the reason why she hired me! Well, I’m taking her advice and blogging about it. What is it you ask? It’s that I like to see the quality of my images and products from beginning, middle and end. I do it not for myself, but 100000% for my clients. They put a lot of trust in me to capture their family/children’s/wedding memories and to do it well. I ensure quality (as best as I can) in the beginning by ensuring that my clients are using a photographer that is professional by educating myself in conferences, workshops, and books to really learn the craft, that my clients can trust that I can be consistent in my work and images. In the beginning also in having good, reliable professional camera gear.  Middle in that I take great care in making sure each photo shoot is a success in lighting, posing, exposure, composition etc. Middle in that I see that my client’s photos are edited professionally and with care.  And finally (the point I’m really getting at) is the end product.  Because I take so much care into what goes into the images, I like to see that they are printed with the upmost and professional quality there is. I do this not only for me, but mainly for my clients! Why should they go to all the time and effort of coordinating the family’s schedules, getting their hair done, making sure everyone is dressed to perfection, and taking the time to have their photos done just to have the end product printed very poorly? That’s not fair to them!

I posted this on Facebook a while ago, and my client suggested I post it on my blog. Because the exact same thing happened to her with a previous photographer. My client’s previous photographer took beautiful images and gave her the disk without offering any professional printing services. So my client took her images to one of those big box stores and the prints were so dark they were almost unrecognizable. It upset her that she paid so much, and took so much time and effort in having her photos taken to have the end product turn out unfavorable. The photographer (not my client’s previous photographer) who posted this photo on facebook Brittany Kallstrom  said “A past client of mine took her disc to walmart to get some images printed, and this is how her walmart print turned out, not that great is it? She then came to me and ordered a canvas, I can tell you now the canvas looks NOTHING like the walmart print (I will be taking a picture later of the canvas to compare). Yes disc are great for sharing pictures on social networking sites, and having them on your computer, but when it comes down to it I wouldn’t recommend printing a large print from walmart with the photos on it :( I can recommend a few better places to print from but they wont be as good as ordering prints from your photographer
All in all you get what you pay for.”

So in conclusion, it’s all about quality over quantity. I’m so glad all of my clients agree! Also, just because certain places offer printing services like canvases, prints, etc doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting professional quality. Trust me, there’s a ginormous difference! So that is why I care so much about the quality of images my clients receive in the beginning, middle, and end.


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