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When this little lady called me and said “Um…do you do engagement photos?” I squealed for joy! I don’t think my voice could have gotten higher pitched “REALLY?” I said. The answer was yes. I could not be more thrilled and excited for the upcoming nuptials of Megan and Blan, and am so elated that they found love in each other. They are so adorable together. And I’m so happy they chose me to take their photos, and in the snow! *sigh* I love snowy photo shoots!

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These cool cats came all the way from sunny Florida to visit family and friends in Utah. I was so happy and thankful to have the opportunity to take their photos for the second year in a row. Their kids are an absolute crack up. Last time little Nathan had to bring along Tex the Tiger for the photos, and this time Lizzie had to bring along her little Lambie. Our children’s lovies are just as much a part of the family right? We don’t go anywhere without them!  It was so fun seeing these kids play as their personalities just shined right through. And as an added bonus, at the end of our shoot, little Lizzie gave me the biggest hug. Something her mom says she doesn’t do very often! My heart melted like butter. Here are photos of the Lwin family at warmer times. I am super envious of their Florida living, especially this time of year!!!

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Ok I’m really hoping this post doesn’t come across as “Look at me! Look at me!” cause that’s not my intention at all. Have you seen the movie the Family Stone? Skip the next few lines if you haven’t and don’t want me to ruin it for you. There’s this wonderful scene at the end where Sarah Jessica Parker’s character gives all the children a photograph of their mother (Diane Keaton) when she was pregnant in her youth. The family breaks down in tears (and so does the audience) because their mother is dying of cancer. She says to one of her son’s “That’s me and you kid.” It is the most precious and tender scene. Yes, even Brant bawled when he saw it (which isn’t hard for him to do).  And it’s a good testament to how invaluable photography is. Anyway, when I saw that movie and scene years ago, I knew I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have maternity photos taken. If you think about it, it really is a special and unique time in a woman’s life that usually while we are in the thick of it, we can’t wait to be out of it. But when the years go by, we look back at that time with fondness. I’m due with my baby boy in just a month from now. So, I asked my friend Sarah to come out and take them for me. She brought along her friend (and now my new friend) Erin who was wanting to practice her photography. Honestly, I am not such a diva that I need two photographers, it just ended up that way! haha. So photos are by Sarah, and Erin, and edited by me. It’s a team effort. :) There is no role on this earth more important to me than being a mother. It is the biggest blessing of my life. I am so so glad I have these photos forever and ever of me being a mother to my sweet Claire, and to my child whom I have not met yet.

I think the big photo below is probably one of my favorite photos ever ever ever ever!!!! One day I will miss so much those little tiny arms around my neck. I cherish this little one so much!

I love the look on Claire’s face in the big one on the left. I also love how she sweetly is talking to me while listening to my belly, and how in the bottom one she wanted me to “hold her like a baby”.

And just to show that I do indeed wear clothes, here are a few outdoor ones we did in my wretchedly unattractive backyard.

I can’t wait to have him here in just mere weeks!

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I was asked my local photographer extraordinaire Randy Collier to collect my top ten favorite images of the year.  I looked through the thousands I’ve taken this year, and narrowed them down to my favorites. I won’t share all ten with you, just a few. A common theme arose while I was compiling my images. Most all my favorites of all the photos I’ve taken this year are of my sweet little Claire. She is the angel and light in my life. She brings me more joy (and at times headache) than words could possibly describe!

I love this one of her that I took in Lake Powell this summer. It was the only family vacation we were able to take this year so it’s a sweet memory. I snapped this photo as she hurriedly ran back to the water. The lighting on her sweet face and landscape behind her was just gorgeous.

This photo of Claire is exactly who she is at this moment. She won’t wear clothes, and she loves relaxing with “my iPad”. She thinks its hers, but really it’s mine. ;)  I love the little tan lines too.

Visiting Southern Utah brings me so much joy. Especially in the dreaded dead of winter (those awful months where the cold drags on forever and ever). I took this photo from my car while parked at Snow Canyon State Park. I love the blue sky, and how diverse the landscape is.

Growing up with a photographer Mama makes it so that when the camera comes out, Claire will look anywhere BUT the camera. She graciously and generously allowed me 45 seconds to take her photo one afternoon and I snapped this one. It shows her beauty, her sweetness, and also how coy she is. I adore her unique black eyes. I love that her one true love Elmo makes an appearance in the photo and he’s so haggard his eyes are scratched off. I love this photo so much I have it displayed on canvas in my house.

This photo made the list because this adorable couple are my Grandparents. They live in Texas and I rarely get to see them. Being given the opportunity to take your Grandparent’s portraits is always an honor. It’s like I’m contributing to documenting my very own Family history.

I hope you were able to take/have taken for you some images that you will love and cherish forever this past year too!

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Claire just couldn’t hardly wait to get all suited up and go outside for her first snowfall of the year! She made “cakes” and “snowmen” and “castles” while Daddy frigidly supervised, and I looked on from the inside. I’m glad someone in this family loves snow!

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