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…or as she would say it “Cowgrill”. We had a lovely family day at the Thanksgiving Point baby animal birthday party. I couldn’t resist sharing these photos of her first pony ride!

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My photo wall in my living room felt odd to me since there was a new member of our family, but no new family photos with him included. So my dear sweet angelic friend whom I adore more than anything Miss Sarah Knight came to my house to take some for me. We didn’t have a plan, we didn’t shop for outfits (cause who has time to shop with a 2 week old!?). She just graciously came to our house and snapped away! It’s these types of photo shoots that I LOVE! ┬áRelaxed, real, lifestyle portraits. I don’t even think there’s one single photo of all of us looking and smiling. No fancy backdrops, or props. Just us, our family, being ourselves in our home. Thank you ONCE AGAIN Sarah for capturing my vision and giving me these absolutely PRICELESS memories I will cherish forever!

(I hope you don’t mind Sarah that I didn’t even hardly edit them if at all! They’re even gorgeous out of camera! Cause who has time to edit with a newborn?!)

I was having a “My roots are like 2 inches long and I’m not sure whether to wear my hair up or down” day.

Sarah is so thoughtful! She gave Claire a funny Valentine, and Claire took it quite literally.

Yes, Simon is nursing in these photos. News flash America: Breasts have more than one function! Nursing a newborn is natural and beautiful. Look how precious that babe is all cuddled in getting his nourishment!

I also love the ones she captured of Brant and I, just hanging out being us.

I can’t believe I’m a mother of two! I love my family so much!

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