I know you all are dying to know why I haven’t been posting quite as regularly on this blog. :) It’s actually because I started a 365 project, and have a blog just for that. I’ve kept it under a bushel (or rock, or whatever that saying is), and feel like I’m ready to share it now. A 365 project is when you take (at least) one photo a day. It sounds easier than it really is! Most of the time, I have two (semi) willing subjects that let me photograph them. I heard that one way to dramatically improve your photography skills is to do a 365 project. Since I am always seeking to learn, and grow, I thought why not?! It seemed redundant to post the same photos in two places. I am not perfect at it and have missed a couple days, but I try to post one photo from each day. I started late April. So head on over to my 365 blog and feast your eyes. www.katepease365.tumblr.comĀ 

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