As most of you know, I got to be on a local TV show on an NBC affiliate network. The show is called “Studio 5”. It’s a lifestyle TV show that is widely watched in our little state. SO, I was quite happy and nervous when they asked me to be on! Anyway, if you want to watch the clip, CLICK HERE (sorry, I don’t know for the life of me how to imbed it on here). Anyway, I thought I would blog the notes from the show along with the photos to hopefully help at least one person feel more photogenic and confident in front of the camera. PLEASE pay the most attention to the last point, because it is the most important! Oh, and big thanks to my dear sweet friends for letting me take the unflattering, and then the flattering photos of them and posting them/showing them on TV for the world to see.

Again, CLICK HERE if you want to see the segment on TV.

As a photographer, I hear quite frequently “I’m not photogenic”. Understandably, I’m sure all of us have had a photo taken that we have wanted to hide from. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! You can be as photogenic as can be! It is all in how you angle your face and body. So next time you get in front of that lens, use these suggestions to really show your best side. Here are some of my best tips on how to look good in photos.

No, you don’t have a double chin. 

When having your photo taken, the most flattering angle for your face is when you stick your chin forward, and down. It gives you a jawline, eliminates any double chin, and makes your eyes appear bigger. So always think “chin forward and down” when having your photo taken.

How to be photogenic - How to be photogenic - How to be photogenic -

Yes, you have lips.

A camera is very two dimensional, and if you don’t have any color on your lips, they can blend right into your face. Since no one really likes disappearing lips, put some color on them! It really brightens your face, and adds dimension.

How to be photogenic - How to be photogenic -

How to be photogenic -

No, the camera does not add 10 lbs. 

It really doesn’t! It is all in how you stand! It starts with the shoulders. Think about it, they are probably the widest part of your body. When you stand square to the camera, it makes you look wide! Instantly lose 10lbs by just turning your shoulders to a 45 degree angle to the camera (slightly to the side).

How to be photogenic - How to be photogenic - How to be photogenic - How to be photogenic -

Next comes your hips. Probably the other widest part of your body. The best way to narrow those hips and midsection is to stand with your feet shoulder distance apart with your weight on the back foot, and give your front knee a little bend. Voila! Instant-waistline!

How to be photogenic - How to be photogenic - How to be photogenic - How to be photogenic -

Yes, you have a beautiful smile. (natural as opposed to fake looking at the camera)

How to be photogenic -

You look your absolute best not only when you are smiling, but when you are laughing. Don’t hold back the laughter just because a camera is there! Also, even in the presence of a camera, you don’t have to look at it the whole time. Everyone loves a candid, relaxed photo. Try looking off camera. Even better, interact with who you’re being photographed with. If it’s your husband, child, or best friend, show affection. Smile, talk, interact with them too. It really tells the story of the photo, and better yet, it tells the story of your relationship.

Yes, you are photogenic. 

How to be photogenic -

We all have that “ideal” body image in our head of how we think we should look before having our photo taken. Don’t wait until you’ve achieved that dream body image in your head before you get in front of a camera. Your loved ones will never look at a photo of you and say “she really should have lost 10 lbs before having her photo taken”, or “Wow, she really should have changed her hair”. Never!  “ Life doesn’t wait until you “get thin” enough to capture it. Life is happening . . . it is happening right now and the only moment we are guaranteed is the one we are living.” (Quote by Theresa Porter) Photos of ourselves and our loved ones are priceless treasures that deserve to be recorded and celebrated. Your loved ones love you for exactly who you are now. Not the ideal image in your head you. Besides, 5-10 years from now, you’ll wish as good as you look today. So, seize the moment, make some memories, and get in front of that camera!

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