You guys!!! I am so excited about this giveaway! I was on Studio 5 today to share what my favorite photo gift finds are, and I’m giving them all away!!! One lucky winner will win the whole lot worth $400!!! A Jo Totes Bag, a black rapid strap, an Eye-fi Mobi memory card, an expodisc, and a rogue flash softbox kit! But wait, there’s more! A first runner up will win a Jo Tote and a Black Rapid Strap, and a second runner up will win a black rapid strap!

To see me on Studio 5 talking about what these awesome products do, click HERE!


Here’s purchasing info:

Jo Totes Camera Bags: Range between $89-$179

Black Rapid Camera Strap: Range between $60-75

Eye-Fi Memory Card: Range between $49-$99

ExpoDisc White Balance Filter: $49.95

ExpoImaging Rogue Soft Box Kit: $49.95

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Also, I wanted to say, the before/after photo they used when I was talking about the expo disc on the segment, is from expodisc’s website and I believe was taken by the amazing Nashville photographers Zach & Jody Gray. I just wouldn’t want to take credit for work that wasn’t my own.

Happy entering!!!

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