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I’m here!

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Well, we did it! We moved to Texas! And I’ve been busy with engagement sessions and weddings! I am hoping to have the gusto soon to do a blog facelift. It’s been a few years, so I sense change is coming! Anyway, here’s a few images that I love from a recent wedding, engagement session, and family session. Tell all your Dallas/Fort Worth area friends that I’m here and ready to party (aka take photos of all y’all partying)!!

2014-06-04_0001 2014-05-17_0002 2014-05-16_0001

Jessica & Paul

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

You wouldn’t know by looking, but the location we chose for these photos had some sort of festival going on at the same time that we scheduled the shoot, and there were at least a few hundred people there. (Oopsie!) I think we made it work! P.S. I couldn’t get over how flawless Jessica’s skin was! Not to mention her and Paul had excellent chemistry.

2013-11-05_0001 2013-11-05_0002 2013-11-05_0003 2013-11-05_0004 2013-11-05_0005 2013-11-05_0006

Downtown Salt Lake City Engagement Photos

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

I just love an engagement session. How often do you get to dress up with the love of your life and go take beautiful photos together? Not very often! It really gives the couples who I have the honor of working with what it’s like to work with me…like practice before the big day. And it gives me the opportunity to get to know them and how they like to be photographed and the type of couple they are so I can deliver images I know they’ll love. It’s just a win win win all around! These two aren’t very hard to take a good photo of and I’m excited for their upcoming wedding!

2013-09-18_0002 2013-09-18_0001 2013-09-18_0003 2013-09-18_0004 2013-09-18_0005 2013-09-18_0006 2013-09-18_0007 2013-09-18_0008 2013-09-18_0009 2013-09-18_0010 2013-09-18_0011 2013-09-18_0012 2013-09-18_0013 2013-09-18_0014

How to capture authentic smiles in your photos

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

I was interviewed our local lifestyle NBC affiliate TV show called Studio 5 and talked about this topic. You can see my segment by clicking HERE!


What is an authentic smile? A genuine smile is in the eyes. When someone genuinely smiles or laughs, their eyes light up. A “say cheese” smile, is forced, shows the teeth, and the eyes aren’t as vibrant. Anyone who knows you well will be able to see the difference between the genuine smile and a forced smile.

Can you tell which smile is authentic and which is cheese in the pictures below?

What is genuine smile what is genuine smile 2


- Distract them from the fact there is a camera right in front of their face.

- Tell them an inside joke! My sister can be a little camera shy, so we have this joke about a whale. Every time I want to make her laugh, I bring up the whale joke, and she can’t help but laugh. Or if they’re being photographed with someone, have them share a joke with each other!

Adult Inside Joke

 -Burst the personal space bubble If they are being photographed with someone (their spouse, child, parent, sibling, friend), have them get close and hug. They can’t help but to be distracted and smile.

adult personal space 2 adult personal space

- Compliment them! It gets them to relax and smile, usually they’ll laugh

Adults-Tease Them

- And then tease them about how you’re going to submit their photos to a modeling agency.


Most teens are concerned with how good they look in a photo. Here are tips to get them to relax.

-Teen girls: compliment! They want to know that they look good. Tell them you love their eyes, they have great skin tone, they have a great smile. Always you can find something beautiful in your subject to compliment.

teen girl 1 teen girl 3

 -Teen boys: Teen boys aren’t as keen on being in front of the camera as teen girls. To get them to smile genuinely and laugh, tease them about their girlfriend. Even if they don’t have a girlfriend! This always makes them laugh.

  teen boy

 -If they won’t cooperate tease them about being too cool. I had a teen girl in a family shoot one time who was not happy whatsoever to wake up early for family photos. She wouldn’t really warm up until I teased her about being too cool about having her photo taken. She laughed and warmed right up.


-Use reverse psychology Tell them the opposite of what you want them to do. Tell them not to laugh. “Don’t even think about laughing!” Or play “Be serious”. Have them make a serious face..hold it…hold it! They can’t help but to burst out laughing.

Reverse Psychology

 -Have them make silly faces. You will usually get a great smile between those silly faces.

child silly faces 2 Child Silly Faces

-Play “I bet you can’t”. Children love to prove you wrong. If they aren’t cooperating, say “I bet you can’t stand right here. I bet you can’t hold your hands like this. I bet you can’t laugh.” They will always want to prove you wrong, and you will get them in the pose/smile that you want them to be in.

-Let them play! So often I will kids engrossed in an activity like building a lego tower, or a sand castle, or making sugar cookies and the mom will tell them “look here! Look here! Smile!”. Almost always in this instance, the kid will give the fake smile. Instead of having them look at the camera, just take the photo of them playing. It tells the story of what your child is interested in at that time in their life. Plus, no one likes to be interrupted when they’re concentrating.

  Children- let play Children- Let Them Play

Parent tip! Hold off on the bribes till the very last second. If you’re taking your child to have their photos taken, don’t tell them on the drive there “Now you’re going to get your photos taken, and you’re going to smile real big. And if you smile real big, you’ll get an ice cream cone at the end.” This sets them up mentally that they are going to have to perform, or do something miserable so they can earn a treat. Instead tell them “We are going to go meet Kate at the park, we are going to play and have so much fun and she’s going to take our pictures while we play!” This is a lot more exciting for them.


- Place them somewhere precarious (with a helping hand nearby). If they are crawlers or new walkers, they are not going to want to sit still in the spot you want them to sit in. By perching them on something (safely) precarious, they won’t be able to move and you’ll get the shots you want. Have another adult just out of the sight of the camera to catch them if they topple.

Baby somewhere Precarious Babies- Somewhere precarious

- If they can’t quite sit up on their own, have mom/dad or sibling help. You can focus in on the baby to get their photo without them having to lay down.

Babies- Mom Help Babies-sibling help

- Give them something to hold. They’ll usually give you a “look how cool this is mom” look in their face that is just precious.

Babies-Something to hold

- Doggie toys! Squeaky silly doggie toys will always get their attention looking in the direction you want them to look. You will get a genuine expression of wonderment.

Baby Squeaky toy

 - Act super silly. Just dance and sing. They can’t help themselves but to smile.

Babies- Act Silly

Paul & Susan : 50 years married

Friday, July 12th, 2013

I feel like for every big (or small) life event that I get to photograph for people, I walk away feeling like “That was the most meaningful thing I’ve photographed.” I’ve felt that way about baptisms, weddings, birth stories, milestones etc. This event was no different. I walked away feeling like the love I witnessed between this beautiful couple and their posterity was just so meaningful.  I just feel so extraordinarily blessed that people choose me and hire me to come and photograph their most important memories. Paul and Susan met at Jackson Lake Lodge more than a half century ago where they both worked. They married, and “had a 3 month honeymoon” back working at the lodge where they met. Their family saw it only fitting that they celebrate their golden anniversary at the place where they met. I just loved being able to capture them, their party, and their family.  I feel so honored to be a part of such a special day and to get to go along with all the festivities.

I saw it very appropriate that we take a photo of them in their rocking chairs. Isn’t that where we all imagine we will be after 50 years of marriage? In our rocking chairs, enjoying the view, surrounded by our posterity? I just love it.
2013-07-11_0024 2013-07-11_0009 2013-07-11_0008 2013-07-11_0014 2013-07-11_0016 2013-07-11_0015 2013-07-11_0011 2013-07-11_0021 2013-07-11_0012 2013-07-11_0022 2013-07-11_0010 2013-07-11_0019 2013-07-11_0018 2013-07-11_0023 2013-07-11_0013 2013-07-11_0025 2013-07-11_0017 2013-07-11_0026 2013-07-11_0006 2013-07-11_0001 2013-07-11_0005 2013-07-11_0007 2013-07-11_0003 2013-07-11_0002 2013-07-11_0004


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