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I really really don’t know how I get so damn lucky with the best couples. I get the awesome couples with amazing personalities, who aren’t afraid to be themselves and who are up for anything. We had rescheduled Justin and Lauren’s engagement session twice because of all that awful unearthly weather we had back in May. (Remember? We got 35 trillion gallons of rain!?) Even though the skies still threatened rain this day, we decided to go ahead. We may have risked life and limb getting the rooftop shots but it was a lot of fun and they got to see the scared of heights “oh my gosh I’ve got to make it home to my kids” version of Kate. (haha!) It brought the trust level up a notch.

I loved that Justin and Lauren chose the location for their engagement photos that best reflects their story and personalities. We took photos at the exact spot where Justin proposed, and inside the vinyl record store where they like to explore new and old music. I’m excited to see what music they have for their wedding, I have an inlking it’s going to be really good. We also took some photos in a dark alley which turned into some favorites for them. I cannot wait for their wedding in October. Lauren showed me a cell phone photo of her dress and it is absolutely.freaking.jaw.dropping. so I’m pretty thrilled.

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I absolutely love spending time with Juli and Martin. It is laughs, and jokes, and witty sarcasm the entire time we are together and I love it! I can barely hold my camera steady because I’m laughing so much. One of my favorite things I’ve learned about them is how Martin proposed. Martin knew that Juli knew he had the ring, and it was somewhere in the house they had just bought together. So instead of being predictable, Martin threw Juli for a loop. He took the ring out of the ring box, put a glob of peanut butter in the ring box (which their dogs love to eat) and put the ring box somewhere where Juli would find the dogs chowing on it during the middle of their housewarming party. As Martin had expected, Juli saw the dogs eating away and the ring box and completely freaked out thinking the dogs had eaten the ring! When she turned around, hands covered in peanut butter looking for the ring, Martin was on one knee asking her to be his wife. Such jokesters! I can’t wait for their wedding next Summer.



roanoke-photography-kate-pease-dallas-wedding_0015 roanoke-photography-kate-pease-dallas-wedding_0002 roanoke-photography-kate-pease-dallas-wedding_0001 roanoke-photography-kate-pease-dallas-wedding_0003 roanoke-photography-kate-pease-dallas-wedding_0010 roanoke-photography-kate-pease-dallas-wedding_0005 roanoke-photography-kate-pease-dallas-wedding_0007 roanoke-photography-kate-pease-dallas-wedding_0011 roanoke-photography-kate-pease-dallas-wedding_0012 roanoke-photography-kate-pease-dallas-wedding_0013

roanoke-photography-kate-pease-dallas-wedding_0008 roanoke-photography-kate-pease-dallas-wedding_0014 roanoke-photography-kate-pease-dallas-wedding_0006


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Nerves were present when I met Hollis for the first time at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden. He showed me the ring and I could tell he couldn’t wait for Lexie to get there. Lexie was on her way, blindfolded in a car by her mom, dad, and sisters. Hollis kept peeking around the corner anticipating her arrival. I could feel his anticipation turn into happiness when he saw Lexie coming down the path. He took her under an alcove, professed his love, and asked her to be his wife. Her smile said it all. She said Yes! The skies then opened up and it rained. Rain couldn’t bring down the excitement and love they felt. Hollis and Lexie are engaged!

avalon-legacy-ranch-wedding-photo-kate-pease-photography_0033 avalon-legacy-ranch-wedding-photo-kate-pease-photography_0034 avalon-legacy-ranch-wedding-photo-kate-pease-photography_0035 avalon-legacy-ranch-wedding-photo-kate-pease-photography_0036 avalon-legacy-ranch-wedding-photo-kate-pease-photography_0037 avalon-legacy-ranch-wedding-photo-kate-pease-photography_0038 avalon-legacy-ranch-wedding-photo-kate-pease-photography_0039 avalon-legacy-ranch-wedding-photo-kate-pease-photography_0040 avalon-legacy-ranch-wedding-photo-kate-pease-photography_0041 avalon-legacy-ranch-wedding-photo-kate-pease-photography_0042

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