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Can I be honest? Typically, I am quite bored with flower photos. It’s a beautiful willing subject that there are 300 billion photos of. Plus, I am no landscape photographer… But I just couldn’t help myself in this instance! I have been wanting to go to the Thanksgiving Point tulip festival for around 3 years. I hear all the ads that there are over half a million tulips! The day (more like afternoon) came where we were finally able to go! Claire has been obsessed with flowers lately. When we go on walks in the neighborhood, she calls them “flower adventures” where she goes around picking as many dandelions as she can. So you can imagine her delight strolling along the vast gardens among millions and millions of flowers. It took everything she had not to pick any. She did good, she resisted the temptation! And Simon is just happy to be in the fresh air pushed in the stroller. It was so beautiful, like a vast secret dreamlike garden. It’s too bad tulips only last a few weeks out of the year.

2013-04-30_0001 2013-04-30_0002


The image on the left reminded me to stand out from the crowd. 2013-04-30_0004 2013-04-30_0005

The gardens are so vast, that sometimes it can be challenging for the elderly to make the trek. To accomodate them, they have golf carts that are available to rent. Little Claire loved stopping for a chat with the sweet grandparents.

But then she was naughty and wanted to play in the water. 2013-04-30_0007 The icing on the cake, is all the trees were in full blossom. It really was like a dream! As a photogapher it seemed like every nook and cranny of the place I would think “I can shoot here, I could shoot here, I would position a couple here”. It was almost torturous not having a bride and groom with me to photograph. Maybe next year…

Don’t judge the huge Diet Coke in the stroller, it’s mama’s keep me sane medicine… plus me and Brant shared.


And then Simon wanted to pracice his newly learned walking skills. 2013-04-30_0008

So glad the long winter is over! And sunny days are here to stay!

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And to think, I almost didn’t bring my camera on this drive. Isn’t Utah glorious? And do you know what the crazy part is? The mountains haven’t exploded with color yet. This is just the beginning. The sky , the lighting, and the clouds were absolutely spectacular! I could not believe the sky was really that blue! It was extra blue that day.

Claire brought her pumpkin book with her, and wanted Daddy to read it to her. Quite the scene to read a book huh?

I love fall in Utah! (I just don’t really like what is after Fall). The crazy part is, this is just one of our many canyons to explore. I think these next two weeks are going to be breathtaking!

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I have been to many amazing places in my life.  Places that dreams are made of! When people would gasp in disbelief that I had never been to Lake Powell, I would joke “I know right? I’ve been as far as Turkey! But I’ve never been to Lake Powell!” We had some friends graciously invite us on their posh houseboat for a few days.  I’ll tell you what, that is the way to do Lake Powell! It’s nice to have some shade and AC to escape from the heat!  We had fun relaxing, watching the sunrise, seeing every last star in the sky, watching falling stars, wave running, and playing in the sand.  Here are some photos from our adventure.

















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