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I received the email saying I was chosen. I completely forgotten that I even applied! Then I remembered that a couple months prior, I had applied to be a part of the studio audience of the Jasmine Star 30 Day Wedding Experience course for Creative Live. I remember feeling a little bit dull within my work and needing a spark of inspiration and a new way of looking at things. When I told Brant the news, I was on the fence whether or not I should go. Do I want to take time away from my family/shooting/travel/spend the money to get there? And he urged me to “GO” and I’m so glad I did! Meeting Jasmine, and new friends from as far as Italy, Panama, and Ireland and as near as Arizona, California, and San Antonio has been the richest part of the experience.

Creative Live did not disappoint. If you haven’t heard of Creative Live, you are missing out! You can learn anything you want from photography (of all kinds) to editing, to art, design, crafts, to travel, to lifestyle to literally everything! They are such an amazing platform for creatives. They really took care of us too! They said they would provide a lunch (which was off the chain) but they also provided breakfast, and snacks, and all kinds of beverages, and even a little after party of champagne, martenelli’s and cheese after our classes! I’m so grateful I was able to go! (The lessons I participated in air all this week)

You know when your heart is tugging at you to do something, and it’s kind of an ache inside urging you to follow it? That started for me in 2009 when it came to photography. I used to pour over images online and the emotions captured and felt. I knew that I wanted to be able to provide meaning for people in preserving priceless memories. I found Jasmine Star in 2009 and instantly fell in love with her work, and who she is. She is a MAJOR inspiration into why I started shooting weddings. The laughter, the tenderness, the tears, and the joy she is able to evoke in her imagery is nothing less than magical. Fast forward to 2015, here I am, and my dreams are coming more and more true (although I’ll never be “there”, I’m getting a little closer each day). It was such an honor to be chosen out of thousands of applicants to come to CreativeLive in San Francisco and learn from this amazing woman. She is just as sweet, genuine, witty, fierce and beautiful in real life. Xoxo

creative-live-jasmine-star_0001 (photo by JD)

creative-live-jasmine-star_0011 creative-live-jasmine-star_0004 creative-live-jasmine-star_0005 creative-live-jasmine-star_0003 creative-live-jasmine-star_0010 creative-live-jasmine-star_0006 I got to have lunch next to Jasmine’s husband JD. And I tell you, this guy is a gem! He had many valuable insights into wedding photography that he shared which we don’t get to hear very often since Jasmine is the voice of the duo. I extra like him! He is the Yin to her Yang and they are such a great duo.

creative-live-jasmine-star_0007 creative-live-jasmine-star_0008 creative-live-jasmine-star_0009 creative-live-jasmine-star_0002 I also got to meet the founder of Creative Live Chase Jarvis.


I pulled this diet coke out of the fridge (because unlike most health conscious California girls, this Texas girl has to have a Diet Coke in the afternoon!) And it said “Share a diet coke with a Superstar” and I knew I had to take a selfie with Jasmine because she is a superstar!

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Today is our ten year anniversary! Would you believe that Brant and I have been married for ten years? Most people don’t believe us when we tell them. Because a: we both have baby faces and b: yes, we got married young. About two years ago we decided that we would do something extra fun for our ten year anniversary. Marriage isn’t always bliss, and we have been through a lot. Ten years deserves celebrating. And did we ever celebrate! Brant and I have been lucky enough to travel abroad before we had kids, and the only place we have been back to (although we would like to go back to all of them) is Playa Del Carmen Mexico. We absolutely love it there! I didn’t take my camera out very often (because I’m paranoid, and like a baby I want to protect it.), but Tulum deserves more than just iPhone photos. Our vacation was filled with sun, sand, surf, drinks, food, fun, and relaxation…just the way two tired parents would want to celebrate. Here is where I should write something sappy about Brant and being together ten years, but my feelings are so vast that I just can’t find the words. He is just the best. The end. tulum-kate-pease-photography_0379 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0404 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0401 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0388 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0384 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0383 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0398 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0395 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0389 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0390 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0385 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0381 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0396 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0392 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0382 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0391 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0399 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0406 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0405 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0400 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0394 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0397 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0402 tulum-kate-pease-photography_0380

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You know the old saying “The Cobbler’s kids usually go without shoes”. This is true for photographer’s kids as well! You’d think we would be having portrait sessions and styled shoots every single day! Nope, not the case! I can usually convince them to sit for me for about 30 seconds at a time. Here are 30 of those seconds, taken last summer.

claire_artist_0009 claire_artist_0012 claire_artist_0011 claire_artist_0013 claire_artist_0010

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