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Do you spend money on the run of the mill school photos your kids take each year in front of the swirly blue background? Each year are you disappointed because you don’t feel like this photo captures who they are, and their personality? I know how you feel! I’ve felt the same way! Because of this, I have found photos are so much more meaningful when their personalities shine through! Therefore, I am running a back to school portrait special!

Back to school portrait special includes:

15-20 minutes of shooting

Full editing of selected images

An online galley with 5 full resolution digital files with print release for downloading, printing, and sharing

Price: $79 per child

($15 off per child if booking more than 1 child per family)

Print add on– One 8×10, Two 5x7s and Sixteen wallets for $30 extra

Digital add onAll the edited full resolution digital files with print release for downloading, printing and sharing from your session for $100 extra

Very limited sessions available Email me for times and availability.

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I was featured on a local lifestyle TV show called Studio 5 and talked about this idea. You can see the segment by clicking HEREbacktoschool

You don’t need any fancy props, or fancy locations to create a fantastic back to school photo tradition. All you need is your camera, your child, your porch and maybe your backyard. Here are my top 5 ideas for creating a back to school photo tradition you can carry out each year.

1. Take the photo of them with what grade they are entering

This is just a classic photo that will be cherished as they grow, change, and enter new grades each year. Printable’s used found at:

 sign3 sign4 sign2

2. Take a photo of them with their favorite book

Their favorite book tells a lot about them at their particular age. Their likes, favorites, and tastes will change and evolve as they get older. It will be memorable to look back and see what their favorite book was at their particular grade.


book8 book6 book4 book5

3. Take a photo of them with their friends

Do your kids have friends they have grown up with since elementary school? What a great memory it is to have photos of them together as the years go on. Sometimes friends move in and out and friends change so it is a great memory to look back and remember your best buds.

friends1 friends2 friends4 friends5

4. Take a photo of them in front of their school

The elementary school and high school that I went to was torn down, and they built a completely new school that looks nothing like the one I went to. I would have loved to have a photo of me and my school as it is in my memories (since I can’t drive past it anymore!) Take a photo of them in front of their school as they remember it. Who knows? Years and years down the road, they may demolish their school and rebuild. It will be reminiscent to look back at the school your child went to as they remember it.

school1 school2 school3

5. Take a photo with a Class of 20_ _ t-shirt

Have a t shirt printed with their graduating class on it in an adult size shirt. The idea is, they will grow into the shirt as the years go on. And as they grow you can see each year’s photo in the t shirt with the year they will graduate. It really shows how fast the years go by, and how much they grow in a year’s time. You can have your t shirt printed at Costco, wal-mart, or Vista Print.

classof1 classof2 classof3

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It’s quite convenient (for photo taking sake) that these handsome young men are leaving on their Mormon Missions right after high school. That way, we can combine both a Senior Session and a Missionary Session! This is exactly what we did with Nick. As you read this, he is busy learning Cambodian to speak to and serve the people of Long Beach California! 2013-06-20_0011 2013-06-20_0012 2013-06-20_0013 2013-06-20_0014 2013-06-20_0015 2013-06-20_0016 If you’d love to have beautiful photos of your Elder or Sister about to leave on their mission, contact me!

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