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A Float Wrap is a new, unique option to display images. Float Wraps are similar to Gallery Wraps or Standout mounted prints in that they add dimension by extending out from the wall. Float wraps are unique in that they appear to be floating on the wall with the main focus on the image!

This particular Float Wrap of my sweet little 3 week old Simon is printed on canvas which adds an extra luxurious feel to the image. An option is also in Lustre photographic paper too.

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I frequently get asked if I offer a disk of images for my portrait and wedding clients. Yes ma’am I do! If you purchase a high resolution disk of your images from your session, you get to have your images in this beautiful keepsake case. It keeps your files safe, and who doesn’t love their photos printed directly onto the disk!?

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Here are a few photos of Simon’s birth announcement. The card was 5×5 folded, printed on art linen paper, and delivered in a parchment envelope. I had a lot of fun making them, and even more fun sending them!  I absolutely love getting things in the mail, and I equally love sending things in the mail. Cards like this are available with photography services as grad announcements, baby announcements, Christmas cards, Family stationary/thank you cards, and wedding/engagement announcements.


Inside Spread


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If you are getting married this year, and hire Kate Pease Photography (moi) as your photographer, an option for you  to enjoy your photos is a leather lay flat album. These albums come in a variety of genuine leather covers to suite your taste.  This keepsake album is one that you will cherish and share in the many years to come.

My favorite thing about this album is that the pages are thick, and there is no gutter down the middle of the book. So you can have one big photo spanning two pages.

I think that every couple should have a gorgeous album like this one. I wish my wedding photographer would have offered something like this for Brant and I! (We just have flimsy 4x6s in a TJ Maxx album. :( Live and learn right?…Maybe for my next wedding… JK!)

This album comes in sizes 8×8, 10×10, or 12×12

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Ok, so I know I’ve gotten on my soap box about this topic before, but I came across this post on Pinterest and just had to share!

Please click here to read the full post, and to see the photo comparisons when printed at a professional lab vs Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, etc.

I especially love this quote from the post:

“When clients hire a professional photographer the expectation is they’ll be getting professional images and this goes beyond what we capture. As a professional we should be expected to not only know how to capture a fantastic image, but we are also responsible to make that image is the best it can be. If we’ve done our job, the images we capture will be hung proudly on walls and will be displayed for the world to see. I know when I put my name and reputation on my work I want it to be the best it can be? Whether a small print or a giant canvas, simply put, they help me deliver the best possible product to my clients.”

Screen shot taken from the linked blog post:


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