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It just truly astounds me that people whom I’ve never met will pay me to come fly all the way across the country to capture their most special day! What an honor! Olivia & Brian had their reception in Maine, and got married in Boston the next day. I am very grateful they had a first look, and did bride and groom portraits before their wedding. They were so relaxed, and comfortable in front of the camera. I think it’s because they just couldn’t stop loving on each other! They were distracted by love, and it worked in our favor!

We began the day at the bride’s childhood home for getting ready photos.

2013-07-18_0002 2013-07-18_0001 2013-07-18_0003 2013-07-18_0004 2013-07-18_0005

Brian sees Olivia for the first time in her dress. My favorite! I love when a bride and groom opt to see each other before the wedding. It is just a private, beautiful, emotional moment every time!

2013-07-18_0007 2013-07-18_0006 I am so glad Olivia suggested we do Bride and Groom photos at the lighthouse just minutes from her house. Can you imagine having a place this beautiful five minutes from your house!? Talk about a dream! It was also very special because this is where Brian proposed. I love to shoot at locations with meaning to the couple.

2013-07-18_0010 2013-07-18_0008 2013-07-18_0012 2013-07-18_0009 2013-07-18_0015 2013-07-18_0014 2013-07-18_0013 2013-07-18_0011 Reception time!

2013-07-18_0016 2013-07-18_0017 2013-07-18_0021 2013-07-18_0018 2013-07-18_0025 2013-07-18_0019

Could you die at how adorable her grandparents are? He was probably the sweetest Grandpa I’ve ever met! And the cherry on top of it all, he is who married them!


I’m smitten by her niece’s curls

2013-07-18_0023 2013-07-18_0025 2013-07-18_0020 2013-07-18_0024 2013-07-18_0026 The next morning was their actual wedding in Boston! It literally rained every single day that week, except for their big day! I was so glad we didn’t have to work around a torrential downpour and that we had good weather!

2013-07-18_0027 2013-07-18_0028 2013-07-18_0029 2013-07-18_0030 2013-07-18_0031

Olivia told me before the wedding “I just want my photos to show how much my family loves each other!” I think we accomplished that mission. They were such loving and supportive families. 2013-07-18_0032 You gotta love a good titty twist from the best man! (Yes, I just said titty out loud…publicly…what else are they called?)


2013-07-18_0036 Brian was flipping out that he just got married…literally!

2013-07-18_0034 2013-07-18_0039 2013-07-18_0037 2013-07-18_0040 2013-07-18_0038 2013-07-18_0041 Thank you again Earnshaw & Swensen families for trusting me to come and capture the merging of your beautiful families! It means the world!

I love my job!

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I feel like for every big (or small) life event that I get to photograph for people, I walk away feeling like “That was the most meaningful thing I’ve photographed.” I’ve felt that way about baptisms, weddings, birth stories, milestones etc. This event was no different. I walked away feeling like the love I witnessed between this beautiful couple and their posterity was just so meaningful.  I just feel so extraordinarily blessed that people choose me and hire me to come and photograph their most important memories. Paul and Susan met at Jackson Lake Lodge more than a half century ago where they both worked. They married, and “had a 3 month honeymoon” back working at the lodge where they met. Their family saw it only fitting that they celebrate their golden anniversary at the place where they met. I just loved being able to capture them, their party, and their family.  I feel so honored to be a part of such a special day and to get to go along with all the festivities.

I saw it very appropriate that we take a photo of them in their rocking chairs. Isn’t that where we all imagine we will be after 50 years of marriage? In our rocking chairs, enjoying the view, surrounded by our posterity? I just love it.
2013-07-11_0024 2013-07-11_0009 2013-07-11_0008 2013-07-11_0014 2013-07-11_0016 2013-07-11_0015 2013-07-11_0011 2013-07-11_0021 2013-07-11_0012 2013-07-11_0022 2013-07-11_0010 2013-07-11_0019 2013-07-11_0018 2013-07-11_0023 2013-07-11_0013 2013-07-11_0025 2013-07-11_0017 2013-07-11_0026 2013-07-11_0006 2013-07-11_0001 2013-07-11_0005 2013-07-11_0007 2013-07-11_0003 2013-07-11_0002 2013-07-11_0004

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One thing I did not know: Massachusetts is a tiny state with an overwhelming amount to do and see. You could spend weeks just touring around Massachusetts and learning about history and seeing some amazing sites. Another thing I didn’t know, it takes between 20-40 minutes to drive 4 miles. We were going to go to Cape Cod on one of the days there, but we were too exhausted and just stayed home eating chinese and watching Ellen reruns all day. Being a busy mom and business owner, a day like that was blissful!

Being a History junkie that I am, I was thrilled to visit Plimouth Plantation. We got to visit a replica Wompanoag tribe, and then a Pilgrim village. We didn’t get to visit the Mayflower ii because it is being renovated. Here are some photo stories.

Oh and yes, we did go see the Plymouth Rock on the coast. It’s literally just a white rock with “1620” engraved on it. It wasn’t the most fascinating thing I’ve ever seen, but the town of Plymouth is just adorable and I loved it!

2013-06-20_0024 2013-06-20_0025 The native Americans who work here are either Wampanoag descendants or other tribe descendants. They speak to you in modern day so you can ask questions.
2013-06-20_0026 2013-06-20_0028 2013-06-20_0027 2013-06-20_0035

Isn’t the Pilgrim village so beautiful?! That view!! The pilgrims are in character. They speak to you as if they just got off the Mayflower a year ago. They know nothing of modern day anything, and will speak to you about politics, remedies, recipes, in their time. They all were so busy doing various things: gardening, chopping wood, making things, etc. It was really fun to see. 2013-06-20_0030 2013-06-20_0031 2013-06-20_0032 2013-06-20_0034 2013-06-20_0033

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