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I was hired to be the photographer for the Triathamom. I have to tell you, it was so inspiring! There were so many women of different ages, stages, and fitness levels, and they DID it! I especially loved the kids cheering on the moms, and watching the dads take care of the kids. It was so sweet and brought a tear to my eye seeing the kids be so proud of their moms. This race is a very family friendly (and overall just friendly/non-competitive) race. While the moms were racing, they had bounce houses, and arts and crafts and face-painting to keep the kids busy. They really thought of everything.

It also touched upon something that I myself have been thinking of… Just because you’re a mom, and literally every living and breathing moment is devoted to your children that there is nothing left over for yourself, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set a goal and do something amazing for yourself! I was so proud of these women, and perhaps one day I will join them!

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Here are a few photos of Simon’s birth announcement. The card was 5×5 folded, printed on art linen paper, and delivered in a parchment envelope. I had a lot of fun making them, and even more fun sending them! ¬†I absolutely love getting things in the mail, and I equally love sending things in the mail. Cards like this are available with photography services as grad announcements, baby announcements, Christmas cards, Family stationary/thank you cards, and wedding/engagement¬†announcements.


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Congratulations Laura!!! You won the mini session giveaway! Please email me ( and we will set up your time!

(photo taken from her facebook profile) :)

Don’t be sad if you didn’t win, there’s still time to book your Mini Session!!! Click link for details.

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