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I was just looking through my image library, and realized I never shared this beautiful wedding! It was one of the last weddings I photographed before I moved! I shot it with the amazing David Newkirk at the Red Pine Lodge at the Canyons resort in Park City Utah. If you were afraid of heights, you would not have wanted to attend this wedding because you had to ride in a ski gondola to get to the top of the mountain where the wedding took place. I figured since I hadn’t shared any images, there’s no time like the present (almost 2 years later) to share some images! I have a ton of images from this past year in Texas to share so stay tuned!

martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0040 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0041 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0042 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0043 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0044 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0045 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0046 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0048 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0047 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0049 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0050 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0051 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0052 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0053 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0055 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0056 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0054

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Madeline and Tyler’s wedding was one of the most joyful nuptials I’ve ever had the privilege of attending. Their family was so filled with joy, and it was truly a relaxing and happy occasion. Their first look was very intimate and sweet. A private moment they shared together that I know they’ll remember always. I love that they only invited their closest family and friends (only 38 guests!). That way they could fully enjoy and spend time with the people closest to them. Here are a few highlights from their amazing day.

martyleonardchapelreatafortworthwedding_0001 martyleonardchapelreatafortworthwedding_0002 martyleonardchapelreatafortworthwedding_0003 martyleonardchapelreatafortworthwedding_0004 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0006 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0005 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0007 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0008 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0009 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0015 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0014 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0016 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0017 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0019 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0018 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0013 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0012 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0011 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0010 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0021 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0020 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0022 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0023 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0024 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0025 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0026 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0027 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0028 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0029 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0030 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0031 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0032 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0034 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0035 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0033 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0036 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0037 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0038 martyleonardchapel-reata-fortworth-wedding_0039

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I HAVE A WHOLE NEW WEBSITE!  Yes I’m shouting because I’m excited! It’s been four years since I updated my website. Which four years in the photography world, is like dog years, which pretty much is 14 years. I’ve also completely updated this blog as well! YAY! Oh and tell all your friends who are getting engaged in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area to check it out too!

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Well, we did it! We moved to Texas! And I’ve been busy with engagement sessions and weddings! I am hoping to have the gusto soon to do a blog facelift. It’s been a few years, so I sense change is coming! Anyway, here’s a few images that I love from a recent wedding, engagement session, and family session. Tell all your Dallas/Fort Worth area friends that I’m here and ready to party (aka take photos of all y’all partying)!!

2014-06-04_0001 2014-05-17_0002 2014-05-16_0001

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I can’t wait to get to know all you fabulous Southern Brides! (Or should I say all y’all!?) Anyway, I will certainly miss my Utah clients and brides.

Here’s a little sneak peek of this past weekend’s shoot. Thanks Allie for being so fabulous, gorgeous, and making my job easy!

2014-02-08_0001 2014-02-08_0002

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